Advisory Board

Saint Paul’s Choir School is part of Saint Paul Parish in Harvard Square, which is a parish of the Archdiocese of Boston.  Like all parishes, Saint Paul’s is led by a pastor, Father Bill Kelly (a graduate of SPCS!) who has ultimate responsibility to shepherd the entire community, which includes the parish, the Harvard Catholic Center, and St. Paul’s Choir School.

The SPCS President/Headmaster is delegated authority by the Pastor of St. Paul’s parish to run the school.

Assisting the Pastor in his governance responsibilities and the President/Headmaster in his leadership responsibilities, the school has an advisory board appointed by the Pastor.   Members of the Advisory Board come from a variety of professions but share in the desire to advance the mission of SPCS.

Although the Advisory Board has no fiduciary responsibility or authority, it functions as a working board, taking on special projects to ensure the school’s growth and viability.


Paul Haley, Chair
Managing Director, Barclays Capital,
Boston, Massachusetts

Susan Carr, Clerk
Customer Care Specialist, Michael’s Stores
Braintree, Massachusetts


Mark Dwyer
Organist and Choir Master, The Church of the Advent
Boston, Massachusetts

Michael Flynn
Parent of Alumnus
Dorchester, Massachusetts

James Furlong
Former Director of Civic Affairs, The Gillette Company
Boston, Massachusetts

Alice Golden
Design Consultant/Parent of Alumnus
Weymouth, Massachusetts

Maureen Lapus
Parent of Alumnus
Needham, Massachusetts

Scot Landry
Parent of Alumnus & Current Student
Belmont, Massachusetts

Madeleine Porcelli
Alumni Parent
Princeton, New Jersey

Bishop Robert Reed
President, Catholic TV
Watertown, Massachusetts

Suzanne Rogers
Nursing Faculty, Salem State College
Salem, Massachusetts

Dr. Anthony Schemmer
Brookline, Massachusetts

Scott Wahle
Broadcasting/Communications Consultant
Hingham, Massachusetts

Geoff Why
Parent of Alumnus & Current Student
Watertown, Massachusetts