Catholic Faith Formation at the Choir School

An education at the Choir School is enhanced and strengthened through formation and study of the Roman Catholic faith.  The desire for each student choir boy is that he grows in his knowledge and love of God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – so that he may recognize both the importance of God in his life and his God-given talents so as to place those talents at the service of the Church and the community in which he lives.

In recognition of the importance of prayer in order to grow in relationship with God, Holy Mass is celebrated each school day.  It is the hope that through the singing of the Mass and understanding the rich musical tradition of the Church, each choirboy will appreciate at a deeper level the power of God in his life and thus respond as faith-filled individuals.

The Choir School is dedicated to providing theological education at each grade level in keeping with the guidelines for the education of young people in the Catholic faith.  The highly acclaimed Faith and Life Catechetical Series, published by Ignatius Press, guides the religion curriculum in grades four through eight.  This education is complemented by additional programs that encourage the living of a virtuous life and by the integration of social outreach projects and other activities that enhance the classroom experience so as to promote faithful living at all moments of life.