To audition, candidates should prepare a song of their choosing.  Any hymn-tune would be appropriate, as would some folk and art songs; emphasis should be on simplicity, as candidates would be advised to be happy with what they have to offer, rather than seeking undue challenge.  The music director wishes to assess the quality of each boy’s voice rather than his ability to learn music by rote.

The audition will include aural tests.  These will include singing back notes played on the piano, singing an upper and lower note in a two-note chord, and singing back a short melody played on the piano.  There will be a range test to determine the candidate’s current vocal situation, and there will be a short and simple test of music-reading.  It must be emphasized that, even in the event of a candidate being unfamiliar with any of these activities, it is still worth bringing him to audition.  Experience attests that a keen musical ear can be found in families even where there has been no prior musical experience.

In addition to the music audition, each boy must have demonstrated a strong record of academic achievement through the third grade and will be required to take a reading test to ascertain his reading grade level.

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